7 Best Student Spotify Playlists

A group of university students.

We all need playlists on hand for all sorts of events, as you never know when you might be the one handed DJ responsibility. As students, we need music for a whole load of different scenarios: getting our head down in the library, linking our music to the speakers at pre-drinks, evenings in the gym or even background noise for your house dinner. Spotify is our go-to, not just for our own curated Belushi’s playlists, but for their insane number of awesome playlists that fit any mood. We’ve put together a handful of Spotify playlists that’ll give you exactly the right vibe for your uni days. Check them out.

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For Long Days in the Library

There’s no escaping the hours of studying in a silent library, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to listen to music while you work, this is the playlist for you. We’ve gone for one with less words that might be distracting – just simple, calming music with a good beat that’ll help your mind focus on the pages in front of you.

Featuring: Kid Kio, Earium, Spice Rack, Tender Spring, Poetics

For Getting in the Creative Flow

If working on designs and being more creative is part of your degree, you might want something a little more upbeat and inspiring. Get in the creative flow with this Good Energy playlist by Spotify, perfect for days in the art department at uni when you want to stick on your headphones and get your stuff done.

Featuring: Arlo Parks, Easy Life, Joesef, Rex Orange County, Tom Misch

At Pre-Drinks

Some people love being in control of the pre-party music, connecting their phone to the speaker before anyone else can get a look-in. If you’re not that person but land yourself in the hot seat, click shuffle on this dance hits playlist and you’re all set.

Featuring: Becky Hill, Sigala, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Martin Garrix

4. For Your House Party

Getting the music right for your house party is pretty crucial. You’ve got decent speakers, you just need a playlist that’s got a good mix of songs to make sure everyone is dancing and having the best time. This Ibiza House playlist is one for you house music lovers to stick on as a real crowd-pleaser.

Featuring: Diplo, Disciples, Tiesto, Joel Corry, Aaron Smith

5. For The Gym/Run

Stick your headphones in and workout to these old-school tunes that’ll keep you pushing until the end of every set. The perfect gymming playlist is one that’s high energy and full of songs that you instantly recognise as a banger. So whether you’re weight training in the gym, out running or doing a hiit workout at home, listen to this 80s gym playlist for that added motivation.

Featuring: Madonna, Dianna Ross, Elton John, Run-DMC, Soft Cell

6. For Your House Dinner

Need some background music for your night in the house? Put this playlist through your speakers to keep it chilled while you and your housemates cook up a storm in the student kitchen and sit down for a fun night in.

Featuring: Lorde, Griff, Frank Ocean, Arctic Monkeys, Maggie Rogers

7. For The After Party Run-Down

There’s something about sticking on some slow, steady music after a big night out that just feels right (if the after party’s not going off, that is). Spotify’s Nightcap playlist is packed full of smooth, sexy songs that are the perfect way to see off a night.

Featuring: Isaac Waddington, Celeste, Tom Misch, shiv, Two Another


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